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The Nat Geo test only tests certain locations to determine the haplogroup.Get extra percentage off with dna11.com Coupon codes November 2017.Our family heritage now extends back into Russia, 3500 years ago, instead of stopping in Germany, 400 or 500 years ago.Every kit has an upgrade link that you can see in two places on your personal page.Many SNPS are either unknown or as yet unnamed and unplaced on the haplotree, meaning the Y DNA tree of mankind for the Y chromosome.

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SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) are used to determine haplogroups, which reflect deep ancestry and reach significantly further back in time.

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The reason for only taking the 12 marker test first is to take the cheapest route to being able to upgrade to the Big Y.

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His daughter, when informing me of his death, expressed her gratitude for the test, the articles and shared with me that he had taken both articles to Staples, had them printed and bound as gifts for family members this Christmas.Because me personally, I first did what they call the comprehensive Genome, which I thought was the ultimate test, and that only tests 67 markers, then I found out that I needed to take the Big Y if I wanted to really be done with testing so I took the Big Y and now it shows all 111 markers.Matching at 12 markers is not terribly informative. 37 is pretty much the minimum today.

Valid Till 30-11-2018. their choice and client benefit that they offer their clients a 45 days discount policy.If you or a kit you manage has already tested to 37 markers, you can order the Big Y test as an upgrade.I was hoping to discover some missing links (both ancestry.com and familytreedna show I have large amounts of both Scandinavian and Iberian ancestry, none of which have shown up yet in a well researched family tree, so I had hopes this test might help solve those mysteries).Share this: Print Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest Like this: Like Loading.Get your DNA 11 coupon codes for this October 2017 This free offer of promotional codes will get you discount deals and sales offers.

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They are still waiting on the results but have already ordered and paid for big y.If you want something else, like just the haplogroup, then Nat Geo would be fine.

Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.

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Save With 30 Dna Test coupons, coupon codes and promo codes for great discounts in November 2017.Even more amazing, we then discovered that our Lentz line actually shares mutations with ancient DNA recovered from Yamnaya culture burials from 3500 years ago from along the Volga River.This entry was posted in Big Y, Family Tree DNA, Sale and tagged Historical or Obsolete, Intermediate DNA by Roberta Estes.Elizabeth Wilson Ballard on December 5, 2016 at 1:18 pm said.

Use this Ancestry.com coupon code to get free shipping on your DNA kit while you.The Big Y test is an upgrade for a male who has already taken the regular 37, 67 or 111 STR (short tandem repeat) marker test.I sat on on the Big Y breakout with Elliott at the conference and new tools are coming for Big Y that will help, particularly administrators, and those learning to use these results, with analysis.Find great deals and sales for all types of stores Coupons at Dayscoupon.com.

In other words, this test is a test of discovery, not just a test of confirmation.Just click on the Big Y or whatever tests you wish to purchase.

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